sunshine, sick bags and surveys…

We recently had an enquiry from, shall we say, a rather well heeled client. Their intention is to move to the North Kent Riviera and they wanted us to source high-end dwellings or potential land development opportunities, that were no more than 2 miles from the coast.

Not easy and time consuming you may think, unless…

You have access to a chopper!

Our Helicopter Trip

We immediately got on to our friends at Wingman Aviation and booked our ‘copter trip for the following week.

After much, sometimes heated, discussion in the studio as to who should actually go airborne, we settled on drawing straws and of course Steve was successful…

On a sunny Wednesday morning Steve arrived at Manston excited at the thought of his first ever trip in a whirlybird. The excitement was tempered with a little nervousness on seeing the size of the craft he was entrusting to safely navigate him around the Kent Coast.

With safety checks completed, route planned and sick bag located they set off.

Helicopter over Margate

Starting at Margate the route took them west towards Reculver, Herne Bay and Whitstable. The journey then headed cross country towards Dover, St Margaret’s Bay, Deal, Sandwich and finally Ramsgate before landing safely back on terra firma at Manston.

Helicopter over Whitstable

Helicopter over whitstable


The trip overall was a success, with 3 potential locations earmarked and feasibility studies well underway. Where? Now that would be telling…


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