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property refurbishment

Everyone likes to have a project. Something they do in an evening, over a weekend, or dragged out over months of afternoons here and there. But every project has to be started, and we’re pretty sure that everyone has the same initial thought.

As they stare at the blank canvas, heaving-at-the-seams garage or ‘teach yourself a new language’ book , their hands on their hips, feeling pleased with having come up with their latest endeavour; “brilliant! But where the hell do I start?”

When that thought is applied to our houses, Rome was most certainly not built in a day. Homes are an extension of ourselves, so whenever we move out of one and into another, we’re surrounded by someone else’s life.

There might be no furniture left and no knick-knacks dotted around, but the room layout, wall colours and kitchen surfaces are a shadow of the person who lived there before. Invariably, we want to change that.

One end of the spectrum is if the wallpaper is particularly hideous, if damp has wrecked half the walls, or the bathroom suite has been in residence since the wrong side of the 60’s.

The other extreme is when someone wants a complete overhaul of the whole site, and who are we to turn down such an opportunity?

Coastal Property Refurbishment | Island Wall

property redevelopmentThe Pink House Island Wall, as it was locally known, was an example of just that, and saw a transformation both inside and out. Now, as much as we’d like to show you all the photos, we’ll settle for just a snap-shot, and save the grand reveal for once we’re done. You don’t open your presents before Christmas Day, after all!

Starting inside, the floor plans were reshuffled and reconfigured in order to create better spaces, and more of them.

The layout was then adapted to use the natural light through original windows, and accommodate for the expectations of a more modern way of living; think home cinema, utility and study rooms.

coastal property refurbishment

At the boundary between in and out, an orangery-style extension was designed to increase the cooking and dining areas, again bringing more light into the interior.


Outside, the extension obviously ate up some of the garden space and altered the external aesthetic, but a raised terrace was popped in, and the view was pretty good to start with. We just made the frame for it that little bit bigger, and better.

coastal property redevelopment

And while it’s each to their own, we painted over the pink too…


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